January 10, 2010

January 2010

Happy New Year all, kinda late but its counts isnt it?

I'm happy as busying myself with my studies here and there in UTHM.

By the end of this semester, I myself will end my Diploma studies.

What will happen next? That what are flying around my mind for the last few weeks.

And now UPU are starting to open itself to all student around Malaysia for further studies in IPTA

until February 2010 end.

Do I need to continue my studies or live a life?

For me, being such a student in the IPTA have no such a life, all were stuck and trap inside a big box full of conmen.

World outside can be a heaven but mostly will became hell.

It our choice to choose.

That why I need the right choice.

A bit wrong move, hard to recover and no turning back.

Only if lucky, a new way will be found.


azlan ahmad said...

wise choice demands big responsibility and will affect the whole new path each leap you take.

remember. any choice you take, make sure it is yours and believe in making such decision.

hirumi said...

sometimes it not our choice but yet still be our destiny

:: stillnadia :: said...

azlan's right..

i believe that anything that u choose is what have been destined for you..

of coz there'll be no turning back, so live a life, keep moving forward ok ;)

in a positive view, sumthing that we dont rily looking forward to is happened to be a reason that keep us alive~