December 01, 2009

Works toward money

I thought of having a job for this semester break.

For me, to gain experience is an honour for myself.

Get some new friends and know people.

Plus, getting some money by doing such things.

I’m happy for myself.

Starting today I’ll working as a cashier boy at Batu Pahat Carrefour.

If anyone want to see me, try one cashier counter at


No 1B, Jalan Persiaran Flora Utama,
Taman Flora Utama, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor.

I’ll be there.


SPM are trying to finish itself.

The candidates will free themselves from the cage of school.

What will they do next?

Many of them surely will try to get a job and earn some money.

When I was their’s,

I thought the same.

“SPM result got many days to come out, while waiting, I should do useful things”

“Better working and earn, and I can buy whatever I like”

Were you guys have the same thought when at that time???


But I worked only for a month!

Guest what? Doing a job is no differ than schooling!

Everyday wake up, work and sleep!


So, I resigned.

The NOKIA CENTRE closed after few days later.

LOL, I don't know, is me the reason or its bankrupt already.


What I want to tell for finished SPM candidates,

If you want to work.

Go find a work that can give you a good time and good experience!

If not you’ll regretted for it!

Last but not least,

Use your time wisely!


░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

semoga ko buat kerja dgn baik. jauh sgt kalau aku nak melawat ko kat carefour tu..;)

nn said...

next time balik kampung harus singgah ni :P

AmirMuqri said...

Selamat keje. Janganlak keje cam iklan kit kat tu. Jadi cashier musti selalu senyum hehehe.

Jogger said...

huhuh baguslah...

Dulu saya pun keje McD after SPM. then semester break keje credit card, data entry dan mcm2 lagi keje.

since dah keje carrefour... nak mintak tlg sket boleh? silaa drop email atau ym nnt yerk

hirumi said...

neon, ok aku buat keje dgn dedikasi!.
nn, mari la singah!
amir, ok :D

- stillnadia - said...

carrefour boy, ingt aku x?
nice knowing you nway.

Budak Malu818 said...

aku kerja promoter,baru 12 hari..
tau2,ajer dh naik jadik supervisor..

Merissa K. said...

ala johor jauh sangat la you. haha.

hirumi said...

nadia, ingat kot.
budakmalu818, bagus la supervisor penigkatan yang mendadak
merissa, still dalam Malaysia kan? masih dekat la tu.

Eazy Izzuddin said...

selamat bekerja...
ku dlu pun pas spm kerja juga sblm dpt msk U

i.z.m.a said...

selamat bekerja dengan rajin ye!!