November 01, 2009


"Youths are not just leaders of the future, they are today's leaders in their own schools and communities."
- a line that I pick from Youth Engagement Summit 2009(YES2009) official website

I summon all youth to join the youthsays
it good to sharing thought
youth thought
u can ask other youth any question
they surely will answer
even u can answer them
besides, u can earn some money with it
fill the survey and they pay u without u lose any cent

this is a very good website indeed
the world of youth
click the picture here and sign up

there will be a summit of youth
by 16th and 17th November 2009
at Kuala Lumpur
any participacant also will receive rewards include full accommodation and delegate passes worth in excess of US$2,500 each.
u also will get a chance to meet world leaders like Garry Kasparov, Amitabh Bachchan, Tony Fernandes and many more!

so join NOW! n be part of the CHANGE movement.

how to join the youthsays:
click the youthsays picture and sign up

how to join the Youth Engagement Summit 2009:
click the picture below and sign up


Anonymous said...

is your entry "just" another method u apply to earn money for any subscriber from ur account?

so lame..

Me3raD mYraD said...

hey wira...
actuaLLy didn't get it much from the post....
cut it short...
what's the pro n cons of joining this youth thing ???
sounds interesting but wanna know more~

hirumi said...

youthsays need promotion to public.
atleast I do that than u do nothing.
1. I earn some(u didnt)
2. I promoting youthsays (u didnt 2)
join if u like, if not just ignore. n no need to comment as anonymous.
its ok to reveal urself.but maybe u shy with urself n be an anonymous.

hirumi said...

1. boleh ckp ape2 statement to public(youthsays member)
2. boleh ask question, any member will answer
3. boleh jawab soalan member youthsays
4. boleh earn $$ by jawab survey question n inviting more friend to join youthsays

1. anyone will know u question
2. anyone will know u statement
3. anyone will know u question
4. get some jelousy people where they cannot invite people like u do to earn $$ and they'll condemn u

actually, for me there a no con. try to sign up mirad! n keep it up!

Merissa K. said...

doll, im already on Youthsays la. has been for the past 8 months or so. haha. thanks for ajak-ing tho. heheh