November 18, 2009

Final Exam

Today is the final day before the final paper of my final exam for my second final sem for my studies in Mechanical Engineering for a diploma.

I need everybody luck to pass this final paper. Wish me luck and all the best.

As usual, me @ holiday will off from internet. I only online a few moment because there are lot to do in holiday. Plus, I will not stay at my room for a long period like I use to be while not in holiday!

I'll try to update my blog as I can keep up.

All the finished paper for this final exam seem ok to me.

The done subject course of this semester :
1.Fluid Mechanics(done)
2.Machine Mechanics(done)
3.Engineering Laborotary III(done)
5.Business and entreprenuership(done)
6.Computer Programing C(final paper due=tomorrow)

I surely need to go study. Not hard but smart. Because it already lack of time, the the smart studying thing to go and help me. Cheer up for the SmartStudy!

That the final rant before I go for the final paper of my final exam!
Tata and don't forget to pray for my best in this final thing.

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