October 20, 2009

Today event= test+project+MUET


today:fluids test, fluids project contest
tomorrow:MUET speaking test

today have a test, fluid mechanics test 2.
feel really stress in the head + compress in the mind
like the incompressible Newtonian liquid
try to beat myself in fluid mechanics
making all out works for this test
wish me luck!

need prepare all the things for the project contest.
need speak,speak and speak until I can't speak a word.

so hope today and tomorrow end asap*.

kenapa entah hari ni terfikir pulak yang aku ni dah nak tamat pengajian kat sini.
where would I be after this?
apa yang aku akan jadi lepas ni? terjadi? berlaku? melakukan?
selepas graduat dari UTHM ni.
now, sure I'll miss the moment.
1001 memory in UTHM shall never forgotten.

*asap=as soon as possible

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