October 29, 2009


Siapa tahu autoCAD?
apa itu autoCAD?

Computer-Aided Design

Aku baru lepas end my presentation about autoCAD.
becoz i taking a autoCAD course in this semester.
So what the final project would be?

Ofcoz it should be a design of something.
And the design should be in autoCAD.

Me myself and few other friends take a 4WD mini race car to be drawn.

n draw.

Today the presentation about the drawing.
And it just end a few hours ago.
It a relief. N lastly, Thanks to all who helping me with it.

*a few fren of mine. one ask me to upload their picture. maybe he want a bit publicity.haha.
*sepatutnya aku ada kat belakang guy with kotak2 shirt(norman) tapi tak de time ni coz tgh present ;D
thanks for this two guys for allowing me to put their pic here.huhu.shidy tunjuk henset yg team dia lukis.


LiLy deLiLah said...
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LiLy deLiLah said...

cm knl je gmbr 2..huhuhu...

hirumi said...

oh gambar guna camera ko ni

Nic Da Nic said...

BTW. u asked ayam aka hakim
but i took the picture with him
did u ask me then
nvm la.
free of charge lar...
harga kawan.