March 11, 2009

WALLET?? Where r u??

Syukur alhamdulillah.
I finally found my missing wallet.
almost 4 days my mind "serabut" bcoz thinking of this missing thingss.
Guess what?
I still driving around Batu Pahat even my wallet missing( id card, matrix card and car license in that wallet)
Without any of id document, it a very daring of me go out. And driving..
Haha. But i myself i put a 100% trust that i will found my wallet.
The first day i realise that my wallet is missing is on the moment i want to go back home from my residential college.
After searching a whole room, still not found anythings yet. Try all the route that i went my car.but still nope.Stres just trying climb up my tension head.Argh, make decision that i will found it before i really need the wallet.
My head just thinking about go home.Stop at the gates and I told the Safety Officer the whole story,missing wallet and etc.He just said "nanti pejabat buka hari selasa kamu pergi tanya kalau ada rezeki ada la, kalau x, x de la" Still not in the good mood, i went home.driving all around BP town.Back home.Go to town again. Back home again.
After a few day,Tuesday the day i waited so long enough.
Hoping there will be my wallet in the pejabat keselamatan, but still negatif answer.
Argh!! make a report.cancelled ATM card(even no money in the account). Still hoping i will found my wallet.
Got class. Go to class. Doing the "program" things until its finish.
So, i lost hope. and need to go to balai polis make a report.
"i need to make a report this evening, but wait for my fren finish his class, need he to drive me over to balai polis since my license a gone too "
Bam!! head on the soft pillow.
what dah nk maghrib!!
Ala x dapat buat report lagi..
To night dah la ada class.
"X pe la lepas solat pergi la buat repot"(in sad tone)
Bila dah siap semua dan nk pergi balai polis, terfikir nk pakai seluar khakis white cream.
Pakai2 je,
my wallet is in the pocket.
Syukur, But for sure im have search every pocket of all my pant before that day.
Magic, it there. Kuasa Allah. He just shows me. Just happen to me today.

* That wallet is my fren gift n had lost once but been founded


desilza said...

saya paling tension kalau hilang / misplaced barang.. kepala akan sakit dan hati jadi geram je.

norfaiz said...

letak lam poket sluar len g cri kt sluar len...
pas2 wat mka sposen...

Fit_Fin said...

memang sengal die nie..
klu aku dah buang sluar tu..
sengal..mgu ni garena lagi..haha

nicdanic said...

u ada selalu masuk kelas punya meh?

selalu lambat...berani u type u masuk kelas?????

-_-!!!! lain kali...
put in a special place..
sampai bilik mesti semua benda yang hang kat awak..kena masuk dalam kotak or anything
i letak semua barang kat meja saya
i sangat takut ring i selalu misplace....
beli mahal mahal..dah lah kecil..cari pun susah...