March 12, 2009

Good things today!

A few bad things and good things happen today.
But i only wan to share my happy time..
My broken mp3 now had tranforms into a brand new mp3..
Lucky me..
Actually, my old mp3(left one) had broken. Just dont know what cause it. So, i took it to the shop that i bought it. nasib baik masih ada warranty card, walaupun dah nk expire lagi beberapa minggu.Today i go again to the shop to take my mp3, only expected Sony will repaired it for me. But Sony gave me a new model.
haha. i feel really happy. actually i really wanted this new model after seeing one of my friend's.

Today actually tonight i'm just feel really motivated. Still dont know why but really energize.
Feel really full of confident. Feel like penuh semangat!!!
i like this feeling very much.
Smile everyone.
Live a happy life.
Feel free.
Life is great you know!!!


azlan ahmad said...

full of confident to ...??
fall asleep again huh??

hirumi said...