February 15, 2009

cerita yg x kesampaian...

akhir2 ni..
internet agak kurang dibuka dgn laptop ni..
mgkin sbb mggu test..
atau pun sbb2 lain..
no one know the exact causes..
but for sure..
i'm still writing this blog..
even the content isn't can be called content for a post..
actualy i don't have any idea to write anythings...
so be it..
my empty blog..
see till next time..
regard to all my friends..


azlan ahmad said...

i got an idea...
how about u wrote about..
the match on doTa u had been up to play with the laptop.. haha..
i know what ARE the other causes.. believe me..
want me to post about it on my new entry? (seriously.. I'm not joking)

mR hiRuMI said...

u remember what ur parent used 2 told ya..
dont intersep other people bubling..

desilza said...

mmmm... masalah jiwa remaja

i believed they ARE about love, tests and conflicts. Hehehe... just tembak, mari kita lihat siapa yang kena!

mohd noorshazwan said...

the main thing if we want to be a blogger is we need to find a lot of stories...that the main point..do not let your readers waiting and waiting for your post..at least...give some response to the comment and that is enough...so next time...try to find interesting story..if you find difficulties to find best stories..just give opinion about something happen around us..haha...ak dh terspeaking..ak tgk korunk sume speaking..ak pown nk gak...wakakak